Did Amazon just make DTC brands more valuable?

Brands can now reach their customers on Amazon

Is this the biggest news item of the year?

It's pretty darn close. To make it the biggest item of the year, it needs to go live and into sellers' hands now. There are a few big but interesting questions.

What type of creative control do sellers have?  Can we control the subject line to increase open rates? What's Amazon going to do to prevent spam?

My prediction. For many brands, this is exactly what they need to increase brand loyalty. Getting that second and third purchase is huge because now most of us are faceless brands.

What makes this program really good for sellers is also the same thing that could make it really bad for the marketplace. If creative copy is allowed then that can also get abused. I'm excited to see what happens.

California files anti-trust lawsuit against Amazon

Do Amazon's policies hurt the end consumer? California says yes.

Amazon acquires Robotics Company

Looking to improve operations and remove humans from the equation Amazon acquired Belgian Robotics company Cloostermans. Much like the Kiva acquisition years ago, Amazon never tires to improve FBA above the competition. Few understand the competitive mote they have here. They are years ahead of Walmart et al.

Amazon-Native Brand Hero Cosmetics Sells for $630m

Big acquisitions grab headlines. This is the private label seller's dream. That's quite the exit. Did they overpay at a 14x multiple? If more than 50% of the revenue was on Amazon then I'd say yes they did. It's a disruptable channel. What do you think?

Q4 Kick-off Party

You should feel at least a bit of a jump in your heart knowing that Q4 is here. Everything you do will lead to 2x results. Sales skyrocket. Some of the biggest thought leaders are heading to Miami to officially kick it off with a party. SmartScout has a handful of all access tickets to giveaway. Use code SMARTSCOUT to get the all-access pass.

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