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This newsletter I get to share a bit of what we're working on in SmartScout. But let's change that up. What are you working on? Reply to me and I'd love to learn about the 10k+ people reading this. Thanks!

Increase Conversion Rates through Social proof

In a very detailed post, conversion rates on products go up with adding badges to your second image. I've seen "food network" badges before on listings. Have you seen something similar? Do you have a proven way to get social proof?

Mergers and Acquisitions

Ad Agency Pirawna acquires Dwyer Enterprises.  Pirawna accelerated sales for brands worth representing. 17 clients exited last year for 10m+ and half ramped from zero. There's something in the sauce there that's working.  

SoStocked has been acquired by Carbon6. This adds to the software services rollup of Carbon6. They have a sharp team looking like they're making sharp deals.

Amazon still going strong with Private Label

According to Marketplace Pulse, Amazon is still going strong with private label. It's no surprise the media chases a PR release without doing any diligence. So they haven't exited, but they have reduced the advertising spend. This list by SmartScout used to be topped out by Amazon Private Label brands. Now they are nowhere to be seen. Insiders knew that Amazon wasn't paying for ad spots. So this makes things a bit more fair for the rest of us.

Surge Conference in Tampa

An Amazon sellers conference in Tampa. The speaker list is stacked. So stacked, that I allowed myself to be on it. It's not easy to get away with a new toddler in the family so I only can go to things that matter. I think this one does. Prices are rising. PSVP gets you in for cheaper. See you there!

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