Perhaps you’ve been reselling on Amazon for some time now, or maybe you’re just getting your feet wet and learning to navigate the best way to find the ideal brands and products to sell on the platform. Either way, if new and experienced resellers don’t correctly manage which brands and products to sell, they can face massive impacts on bottom lines and the ability to scale. 

Alarming in-stock rates and fierce competition can mean you face a dying business model before really even getting started.

But, you didn’t come this far to only come this far. 

Understanding the benefits of useful software in researching data and saving you time are your secret weapons to finding substantial margins and scaling your business. Is there any point in spending time and money on tools that aren’t effective and don’t provide results? No! Your time and your money are hard-earned!

SmartScout may be newer to the product and brand finding scene, but if you know our roots, you know that our experience is embedded in the foundation of Amazon software. 

With that in mind, you know that our sister company BuyBoxer is a top 1% seller on Amazon. It’s that experience in the Amazon marketplace that led us to the development of practical software tools to help you achieve new heights in your Amazon wholesale, RA, or OA business.

Sure, we can’t forecast your results, and we certainly don’t offer any magic tricks, but we can support you with the best tools known to man, and we can show you exactly how it’s done! 

In this value-packed SmartScout resource guide, we’ll show you:

  • What SmartScout is and what we offer
  • Who can benefit from SmartScout
  • A Breakdown of our software
  • Pricing options
  • Why SmartScout is the only brand and product finder you need in your Amazon business


Glad you asked!

SmartScout is the most extensive Amazon brand and product finder ever made. 

Developed by Scott Needham, who holds a master’s in computer programming, our data is not only extensive, but it’s reliable. 

As a reseller on Amazon, you want reassurance that the tools you are using will head results. There is no better way to do that than through a software company that sells on the platform and develops leading-edge software for Amazon sellers. 

Here is a list of the features offered in SmartScout:

  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Products
  • Traffic Flow
  • Traffic Graph
  • Sellers
  • Seller Map
  • Account
  • Education


Our software is geared towards a range of sellers on Amazon. Our ideal client is YOU.

#1 RETAIL ARBITRAGE - Sellers who find products listed at a lower price and resell them at a higher price point on Amazon. The products can be new or used items. Familiar places products are sourced: Boutiques, thrift stores, bulk stores, markets, dollar stores, etc.

#2 ONLINE ARBITRAGE - Sellers finding products online to resell on Amazon. These can be new or used products and are sourced online. Fundamentally the same as RA, but allowing more freedom through the “laptop lifestyle.”

#3 WHOLESALE - Sellers contacting a distributor or wholesale company and buying large quantities or pallets of products to resell on Amazon. As an example, BuyBoxer uses the wholesale method. 

#4 PRIVATE LABEL - Sellers sourcing and manufacturing products under a brand they developed and selling them on Amazon. At first glance, you may assume SmartScout isn’t geared to the PL seller. 

You’re wrong! With the most extensive catalog of ASINS ever built, we suit the private label seller by being able to narrow down the best private label products for your business to sell! Quickly see the average rating and buy box price on any item!



Welcome home to Amazon brand and product finder bliss!  A welcoming dashboard boasts our new seller map, along with our left side feature options. Our dashboard is straightforward, easy to understand and navigate.


In this tab, you will search for products that you want to purchase wholesale or that you want to find the most revenue in. Categories can be moved to a particular view that suits your most relevant searches. You can also save this view within your account. 

SmartScout offers an extensive range of what we call Smart and Grid Filers to sift through specific data points. More filter options allow the user to focus on specific metrics within brands and products to sell on Amazon.

Smart filters in the Category section are filtered by: 

  • Category
  • Product Count
  • Monthly Revenue

Grid Filters in the Category section are filtered by:

  • Amazon brand 
  • Amazon in-stock rate 
  • The Average number of sellers
  • Selling price
  • Monthly Revenue Estimate 
  • Average Size of Product
  • Average Review Rating
  • Total Product Count
  • Number of ASINs on Amazon from a Brand
  • The Average number of FBA Sellers
  • Dominant Seller Name
  • Brand Score
  • Notes
  • Variation Page

Pro Tip #1: The Brand Score is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for the product pages’ quality. The better the image quality, title, bullet points, and other information will positively affect this score.

Pro Tip #2: Try to look for brands that no one has heard of but are doing well!

Best Suited For Wholesalers, looking for profitably in categories.


Searching by brand allows the user to search for a specific brand. Find more profitable brands, and try to eliminate any out of stock rate within the last week.

Smart filters in the Brand section are filtered by:

  • Brand Name
  • Category
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Grid Column Filters
  • Amazon Brand
  • Amazon in Stock Rate
  • Average Number of Sellers
  • Average Selling Price
  • Monthly Revenue Estimate
  • Average Size of Product
  • Total Product Count
  • Average Number of FBA Sellers
  • Brand Score

Pro Tip: You may be able to find brands that have items on clearance for resale.

Best Suited For Retail or Online Arbitrage looking for specific brands.


Search products by category and filter them by revenue or the in-stock rate. This is where you can look at the entire catalog of products and filter by what you desire the most. You can also find what is out of stock within the last two weeks. 

Smart Filters in the products section are filtered by:

  • Image
  • ASIN\Brand
  • Category
  • Rank (sales rank on Amazon) 
  • Amazon in Stock Rate
  • Number of Sellers
  • Variation Page
  • Monthly Revenue Estimate
  • Review Count
  • Review Rating
  • Number of FBA Sellers
  • Buy Box Price
  • Out of Stock (BETA)
  • Product Page Score


Search by ASIN to see the flow of traffic to specific products. This feature provides insight in determining if the ASIN you are viewing has a decent amount of traffic.


Search by ASIN or Keyword to see a traffic graph flow to and from product pages. (This is the traffic that happens horizontally on Amazon.) 

Pro Tip: One star indicates the front page products. 

No software has anything like this! You can find out what your competitors are doing using the traffic graph! The small numbers located above the arrows indicate the amount of traffic coming to each ASIN.


Here, you can see what a seller’s revenue is, their stores, and what they are selling on Amazon.

Smart Filters in the Seller section are filtered by:

  • Seller Name
  • Seller ID
  • Monthly Revenue

Grid Filters in the Seller section are filtered by:

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Seller ID
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Percent FBA
  • Full Brand Coverage 
  • State
  • Country

Pro Tip: The Full Brand Coverage filter is the number of brands with which a seller has more than 60% of estimated sales. It’s a good indicator of the relationship between the seller and brand. Higher numbers mean they are likely associated with wholesale.

Best Suited For all sales models on Amazon but with a primary focus on Wholesale, Retail, or Online Arbitrage.


The Seller Map provides an extensive overview of sellers in your area. Once you select a targeted area, choose from any of the sellers listed to view their ASINS, storefronts, monthly revenue, business name, and location. Get a feel for which local suppliers you may be able to work with and build a community within wholesaling.

Pro Tip: Navigate our Seller Map to find ways to sell your Amazon-based services! With this extensive overview of sellers, the opportunity to capitalize on this data is vast and not narrowly focused. Think outside the box!


Here you’ll find your basic account management features, including subscription, billing, and sign out.

Consider this like SmartScout University with our very own Scott Needham! 

Our What’s New section houses all of our new and newsworthy features, complete with diagrams. You never know when we’ll release a new element of our famous software, so be sure to check back in this section every now and again!

Maybe you’d like a detailed Tutorial of how the software works? No problem, our tutorial section offers YouTube content to walk you through the how to’s of SmartScout software.

Lastly, our Tour feature. Select this option if you want an automated step by step outline of each of our extensive features. 

Before you know it, you’ll be a SmartScout Whiz, blasting away with the best brands and products and outselling your competition!


Priced exceptionally well, considering the robust data points included in our software, we offer both a monthly and a yearly option to suit your needs.


$97 billed monthly—full access to our software, with the exception of Excel exporting.


$497 billed every 12 months. Full access to our software, including Excel exporting. That’s a total savings of $189 for the year!

For a limited time, our exclusive Seller Map is available in your Free trial. Yes, we said FREE TRIAL! Head over here to sign up and access our 7 day Free Trial.


Simply put, we know Amazon! 

We scaled BuyBoxer to 250 million in revenue. This isn’t about bragging rights, folks; it’s about data! 

Recognizing effective ways to find brands and products is partly what led BuyBoxer to its massive success. We want to share that with you because we believe it’s a game-changer within the Amazon community. 

By focusing on winning brands, SmartScout enables Amazon sellers to uncover scores of profitable products effortlessly!

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