Traffic Graph Update

With our recent update to Traffic Graph, we wanted to take some time to highlight how you can use it to improve your business.

After hearing concerns that Traffic Graph wasn't consistently returning enough results, we revamped it to pull in far more data. Now, every search will reveal far more connections and clusters of products.

Sounds great - how do I use it?

There are three key ways we recommend using Traffic Graph:

  • Finding the best ASINs to advertise your products on
  • Researching best selling variations
  • Identifying bundle options

Finding the best ASINs to advertise on

Advertising costs have been rising steadily for the past year, so it's more important than ever to put your dollars in the most effective places. Search for the top products in your market, then download their traffic sources and add the ones with the highest traffic strength to your advertising campaigns. 

Researching best selling variations

It's hard to figure out which variations actually perform the best. Traffic Graph can help by showing you which ones get the most inbound traffic. This shouldn't be treated as a guarantee of sales, but will give you a rough idea of which variations are getting the most attention.

Identifying bundle options

Customers love bundles for saving them research time, and being more efficient with shipping. For sellers it can lead to better returns, and, best of all, you may be able to increase your sales with the exact same products you're already offering. Look at items you're already selling and see what has the highest traffic strength. Consider which would be easiest to combine into offerings that will better meet customer demand. 

Ready to give it a shot?

Traffic Graph might be just the thing you've been looking for to push you to the next level. Get your free trial going today to know for sure!

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