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Popular Product Purchases After Christmas and the Holidays

As the holidays finally approach, many small business owners are looking ahead into 2022. The new year will have new opportunities and challenges, so eCommerce stores need to be prepared. 

After Christmas, consumers are still shopping. Some are hunting for deals on next year’s Christmas apparel and decor, while others are preparing for the rest of winter or the upcoming new year. 

Read on for a dive into what consumers look for in the post-holiday season, plus tips for how to sell the rest of your inventory post-holiday season.

Seasonal Merchandise

Savvy shoppers know that they can get seasonal apparel, decor, and merchandise at a deep discount if they wait until after Christmas. Many shoppers scour clearance bins and online listings for limited-time discounts on seasonal items and holiday-specific gift sets between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1. The last week of December is a great time to move the last of your holiday inventory –– especially if you offer free shipping on clearance items.

Amazon seller at Christmas and holidays

New Year’s Day Merchandise

After Christmas, many people look forward to New Year’s parties. The shopping season between Christmas and New Year’s provides a critical window of opportunity to move party favors, New Year’s celebratory merchandise and decor, cocktail kits, and of course, alcohol.

Winter Clothing and Supplies

The cold winter months continue in the northern hemisphere long after December. After Christmas, many consumers seek to stock up on seasonal staples such as winter coats and heavy boots. Also, in northern regions, consumers often look for equipment to deal with the winter weather: snowblowers, shovels, wood splitters, and more.

Winter clothing and supplies can be gifts bought on Amazon

Small Novelties and Toys

Bargain hunters searching for affordable gifts knockout months of shopping with a trip to the after-Christmas clearance bin. Many shoppers finish most of their birthday shopping for the rest of the year by exploring post-holiday sales.

Kids like Small Novelties and Toys for Christmas

Fitness Products

The New Year is often a time for new beginnings, and fitness goals are one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Gym memberships often see a significant surge in sales during January, along with exercise equipment and dietary supplements. January is a great time to promote fitness apps and gadgets, healthy cookbooks, ebooks on yoga and exercise, and online courses meant to help people get in shape.

Home Goods

January is the month of White Sales –– a yearly sale on linens, bedding, and other home goods. As people kick off a brand new year, they often want to freshen up their living space with new patterns and textures. January is an excellent time to sell luxury bedding, printed pillows, draperies, bath towels, and other durable home goods.

Customers purchasing home goods

Gadgets and Electronics

Black Friday isn’t the only time of the year consumers hunt for gadgets –– the post-holiday season is a popular time for picking up new hobbies. During this time, consumers often search for new devices, hobby equipment, craft supplies, kitchen appliances, musical instruments, and much more. 

Tips for Driving Sales After the Holidays

Making sales after the holidays is easy if you plan ahead of time and make minor tweaks to your existing marketing strategy. Harness holiday momentum to capture extra year-end revenue with a few essential tips.

Tips for Driving Sales After the Holidays

Announce Post-Holiday Seasonal Sales Early

When it comes to post-holiday shopping, the earlier you can capture customers’ attention, the better. After spending the day with their families on Dec. 25, many consumers are eager to get the last few items on the holiday wish list bright and early on Dec. 26. The day after Christmas is the perfect time to offer limited-time deep discounts on hot merchandise. 

Make Sure Your Deals Are Easy to Find

To drive more sales, make sure all your post-holiday deals are easy to find. Update your product descriptions with relevant keywords and promote post-holiday sales by switching up your featured products. Consider using PPC ads to promote your items from the night of Dec. 25 through Dec. 30.

Use Social Media and Email to Push Sales

In preparation for a post-holiday push, spruce up your social media profiles. Announce your post-holiday promotions loud and clear with daily posts. Encourage your customers to share how your brand helped make their holidays memorable with branded hashtags that will help drive people to your products. 

Send announcements to your email list about your limited-time offers, and encourage your customers to use up their points from your loyalty program on post-holiday merchandise.

Prepare Your Inventory

The new year is a great time to examine your inventory management practices for improvement opportunities. If you struggled to maintain inventory accuracy during the holiday rush, it might be time to invest in inventory management solutions.

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