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Look at every product a brand sells on one single page (including your competition)

SmartScout lets you dive into the details of the entire brand. See how many products they sell and their estimated revenue. In addition, you can find critical information about who is selling their products to determine if you are a good fit.

With SmartScout, you don’t need to reach out to everyone on Amazon. We help you make a targeted list of people and give you data to make those conversations more impactful.

Revenue per month
Avg # of Sellers
Nike Air Monarch IV
Nike Women's Blazer
Nike 2022
Nike Running Shoes
Nike Air Max 360
Nike W Running
Estimated Revenue
Amazon In Stock Rate
Avg # of Sellers
Adidas White Sneaker
Adidas TR21
Adidas Grand Court
Adidas Adilette
Adidas W Grand Court
Adidas Lite Racer
Estimated Revenue
Amazon In Stock Rate
Avg # of Sellers
Reebok Club C
Reebok Nano X1
Reebok Men's Club C
Reebok Trainers
Reebok Club C 85
Child Classic Leather
Sports & Outdoors (3504)
TVs (2)
Outdoor Recreation (1013)
Sports & Fitness
Baby (412)
TVs (2)
Feeding (80)
Strollers and Accessories (28)
Beauty and Personal Care (691)
TVs (2)
Foot, Hand, & Nail Care (106)
Makeup (51)
Home & Kitchen
TVs (2)
Kitchen & Dining (934)

All 42k Subcategories on Amazon. Sorted to help you find new niches.

Most tools only show 100 categories. We went much further! We broke Amazon down by over 42,000 subcategories.

Each subcategory has an estimated total value to help you see its potential. In addition, we provide metrics like Market Share of brands on Amazon, number of sellers.

Filters help you customize brands & products you want to find.

Sorting by brands and subcategory is great, but still provides you with many options. Our filters allow you to find opportunities that fit your situation. Maybe you have a smaller budget and only want to see products that sell for less than $25. Or you might be looking for GIANT opportunity and only want to see products that sell over $1m per month.

Either way, SmartScout lets you customize the results of any search to help your business grow.

TVs (2)
2.3 sellers
1.7 sellers
2.1 sellers

How SmartScout helped other Amazon Sellers

"We use SmartScout in many ways. We use it for product research for our clients and for our own Amazon brands. The traffic graph is excellent to help find products to target with advertising that are sending traffic to our competitor's listings."

Alex D

"I love how easy it is to find brands that meet whatever criteria you set (monthly revenue, number of sellers, Amazon OOS %, etc). This is a game changer for those in the so-called "wholesale" business model as well as for any business offering services to Amazon sellers."

Stefano G

"I like SmartScout's ability to drill down into brands and specific products to see all relevant data, especially after using the extensive filters. It greatly helps in finding opportunities very quickly. It's great."

Jim M

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