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Get your next 10 Amazon businesses 10x faster

SmartScout helps private equity companies and venture capitalists quickly discover hundreds of Amazon businesses that could be their next profitable acquisitions.

Why does finding businesses to buy take so long?

Blame your sourcing tool. (Or lack of one.)

Chances are, the front-end research of your Amazon business acquisition is painstakingly slow.

That's because you're buying incomplete lists, subscribing to general databases like ZoomInfo, or crawling through one storefront at a time.

Shouldn't there be a better way for sourcing Amazon businesses?

SmartScout is the answer. With every Amazon seller in its database, it gives you a list of all the prospects you should already be putting through your research and acquisition process.

Uncover unknown prospective Amazon businesses

SmartScout's Seller Search tool is so extensive you'll find qualified Amazon sellers you never knew existed.

Find Amazon sellers in one place

Unlike any other Amazon research tool, SmartScout has a seller database that contains more than 95,000 Amazon businesses that each average at least $10,000 in monthly revenue.

Go deeper into seller info

Get more information about any seller. With just a click, you can open up a table that reveals data on all products of a business and its brand coverage.

Link to Amazon seamlessly

Continue your research directly on By clicking on any seller's name or ID, SmartScout conveniently opens its Amazon storefront in a new tab.

Handoff your research easily

Pass information to anyone effortlessly. With SmartScout, you can export anything to an Excel spreadsheet and give it to your team members for further analysis.

Focus on the businesses that meet your criteria

With more than 20 seller filters, you can tailor your search for the type of Amazon business you're looking for.

Zero in on a category

Find more Amazon sellers in the niche you specialize in. With SmartScout, you can choose to see sellers from just one or many categories. 


Target monthly revenue

Set your ideal revenue range to avoid big companies not interested in your offer or small companies not profitable for your business.


Isolate private label

Filter for sellers with their own brand. The Full Brand Coverage column shows how many brands a seller has with at least 60% of the estimated sales.


Concentrate on FBA

Determine to what degree your target businesses should be shipping through Amazon. SmartScout shows you this through a percentage.


Pinpoint a location

If you are looking for sellers from a particular area, SmartScout lets you direct your search towards any state or country.


Focus on growth

With growth percentage filters that analyze different lengths of time, you can target companies that are declining, stable, or on the up and up.

Find new subcategories with hidden potential

SmartScout's Subcategories tool is the only place you can analyze subcategory data and find profitable niches.

See where Amazon sellers are in your district

Pinpoint any area on SmartScout's Seller Map and discover the Amazon businesses that are operating there.

Grow the brands you've already purchased 

With Traffic Graph, you can find the ASINs that best complement your brand's products and target your marketing campaign towards their Amazon pages.

See your competitors' traffic

Traffic Graph shows you a map from any keyword or ASIN so you can visualize the flow of complementary products on Amazon.

Target the strongest connections

SmartScout analyzes each complementary product's revenue and determines every connection's traffic strength.

Boost sales with strategic advertising

Export your search results and paste the top 10-30 ASINs right into your Amazon marketing campaign.

Steal from your competitors' audience

With this strategy, you can grab some of your competitors' revenue from their "frequently bought together" listings.

Start your Amazon business hunt right now.

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